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About us

Aer Avia Ltd. is a Gibraltar registered company specializing in the acquisition and sale of used and brand new Boeing and Airbus passenger aircrafts. Since 2003 when we began in the spare parts segment, our portfolio of services increased. Now we can offer a full package of services to our customers, from a single spare part through the painting of aircrafts to a purchase of a brand new units. For more info visit our Knowledge base.
Services and quality

Parts sourcing - through a well established supply chain and in cooperation with professionals of the segment we can supply almost every needed part.

Repair, maintenance and painting - we carefully selected repair and paint EASA / FAA certified facilities in order to provide a cost effective and high quality service.

Financing - in order to assist our valued customers, we are in the position to assist with funding through our network of leasing companies, investors and and top corporate banks we use to cooperate with.

Jet fuel - we provide 'dip and pay' and 'refinery contract' solutions directly at the source.

Our customer's profile

Customers are mainly banks, leasing companies, airlines, investment entities. Thanks to good connections and well established business relations within the aviation industry, we are able to deliver the Airbus and Boeing aircrafts in a short and reasonable time. Several years ago also fuel buyers and end-buyers became part of our customers portfolio.

Refined oil products

We deal directly with major resellers, suppliers and refineries that can provide the following products: Jet A-1, TS-1 (JP-54), D2 and D6 gasoil, light and heavy crude oil. CIF type of delivery is currently the most appreciated option.
Human resources

Aer Avia relys only on industry specialists that gained a significant and long-term experience in aviation. Our people are from repair facilities, airline management and sales departments.
Top standard procedures

In order to optimise the sale / purchase of aircrafts process we created in cooperation with our suppliers a user friendly checklist to assist all new clients with the sales procedure.
Support and live tracking

To better assist all the customers we prepared a live support chat that is quick and easy to use. Shortly a project management tool will be available for all our existing clients.
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