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Aircraft sales

Quick reference guide about sales procedures

We are mainly focused and specialized in the sales of brand new Airbus aircrafts. Our top selling models are the A220-100 and -300, A320 CEO and NEO, A321 CEO and NEO, A330-200 -300 -800 and -900, A350-900 and -1000

In order to optimise the sale / purchase of aircrafts process we created in cooperation with our suppliers a user friendly checklist to assist all new clients with the sales procedure:

1) Verifiable POF / BCL for the total value of the proposed purchase and KYC.

2) We will request an aircraft configuration to meet client’s specifications and advise the price. Buyer should specify their exact requirements:

- Avionics
- Interior colour scheme
- Engine type / thrust
- A/C exterior can be painted in Buyer’s c/s subject to approval

3) We will advise the final price & proposed MSN's, then the buyer will have 72 hours to deposit 25% of total aircraft purchase price into IATS (USA based buyers only) or Norton Rose Fullbright escrow service. The Buyer must formally accept the offer and sign an NCND.

4) Upon acceptance of the KYC and verification of the deposit we will give an aircraft delivery date(s) which are normally within 120-150 days of the receipt of the deposit.

5) We require balance (75%) of the Purchase Price to be deposited into escrow within 96 hours of us issuing delivery dates.

6) We will supply the Sales Purchase Agreement with Delivery Dates and Terms and Conditions

7) Aircraft closing & transfer of titles and warranties

Upon request we support our valued clients in sourcing and sale of used flying or for partout aircrafts and engines. We also engage in sale of parts inventories and stocks.

Fuel and oil products

Everything you need to know about purchase of oil refined products

To get a quote for a desired oil product, the first thing to do is to prepare a Request for quote. Unfortunately we can't accept not properly filled RFQs. This means request must be on buyer's company letterhead. We don't accept broker's or intermediatior's RFQs. Our suppliers mainly deliver the products in the A.R.A, Gulf (UAE, Iraq, Oman) and Houston TX (USA) regions.

RFQ required details: 1) Desired product 2) Quantity 3) FOB or CIF location 4) Payment method 5) Type of transfer Ship / Tank 6) Spot or Contract

New clients will need to undergo a Due Diligence process. The following documents are reqired:

- Buyer's company certificate of incorporation
- Company certificate of residency
- Copy of a personal document
- CPA (Chartered Party Agreement) or TSR (Tank Storage Receipt)
- Register of company members

We are dealing with suppliers that can provide the following products: Jet A-1, JP-54 (TS-1), D2 and D6 gasoil, Light and Heavy crude oil.

1. Buyer sends ICPO to Seller with a copy of the Chartered Party Agreement (CPA) from the Logistics Company or Tank Storage Agreement
2. Seller issues commercial invoice CI, for the available quantity to Buyer, Buyer and logistics Company (or Tank Farm) signs and returns to Seller
3. Seller issues to Buyer product passport
4. Seller issues Dip Test Authorization letter (DTA) to be signed Buyer and Logistic Company.
5. Upon the sign of DTA by Buyer And logistics Company, Seller issues:
(A). fresh SGS Report,
(B). Tank receipt,
(C). Injection Report,
(D). Certificate of Origin,
(E). Refinery Reservoir Receipt.
6. Buyer order SGS or INTERTEK to Conduct Dip test of the product in the Seller Tank on buyer expense upon successful dip test, Buyer provide vessel details (Q88), Seller shall immediately submit the (SGS or INTERTEK) inspection Report along with the full Proof of Product (POP) to the Buyer.
7. Seller issue invoice for Buyer to pay for the injection fee from the Seller's tank into Buyer's vessel or Tank Storage.
8. Buyer makes 100% payment by MT103 TT wire transfer for the total product

Upon request we might be able to provide a temporary tank storage in Taiwan. Feel free to contact our support service to confirm availability. We are also able to provide large vessels like ULCCs, VLCCs, SUEZMAX and AFRAMAX on charter basis due to our long term business connections.

Other services

Quick reference guide about sales procedures

We cooperate with several certified EASA and FAA certified and approved facilities and repair shops. Client's workscope is mandatory in order to obtain a reliable quote for maintenance, repair or painting. We have capabilities for: A300, A310, A320 family included NEO, A330, A340, B737CL and NG, B747.

Through our network of leasing companies, private investors and top rated banks we are able to provide funding for the most of our clients. Before engaging with our funding partners we need to evaluate the feasibility of the project. For this reason client will need to provide all the details regarding the project to be funded.

Live support service

We stroongly encourage both new and existing customers to use our live support service. This service is meant for issues that can be solved quickly. Available Mon - Fri 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM.

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